About company

UNITED HYDROGEN, a.s. (Company Registration no.: CZ28216580) was founded in 2007 and now it is a member of the international group UNITED HYDROGEN GROUP

In the company, UNITED HYDROGEN, a.s., the main objective is to become an important player in the area of production of high-quality hydrogen and to take an active part in the development of the hydrogen industry in the Czech Republic and the European Union.

In the year 2007, we have joined the Czech Hydrogen Technology Platform (HYTEP) whose formation was initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic as a tool for the support of mutual communication between entities working in the field of hydrogen technologies and coordination of activities related to the development of these applications. Further information available at www.hytep.cz .

Our ambitions are based upon and result from our experience gained from the real operation of production unit in Tennessee in which hydrogen of a minimum purity 99.95% is conducted through trailers and supplied directly to a customer.

Today, our plans aim at maximum support and active participation in the creation of a hydrogen market in the commercial and residential section. These should be achieved mainly by the strong support of development and by launching smaller applications utilizing hydrogen, such as mobile systems of standby power in telecommunications, in the residential section, cooperation with producers of other alternative powers and link to their technologies, and within the frame of these activities even commercial representation of the producers of hydrogen systems and applications for the Czech Republic and/or European region.

About company